Previous Year Comparison and User Notes

It might be interesting to have an interface that compares to last year (multi-year) usage and lets me add notes as a reminder.

For example, this year in July my lawn stopped growing because I wasn’t watering enough. It didn’t fully go dormant but I didn’t have to mow it in July. It would be cool if next year in July I could see my usage for last year. For example “last year your average run time for zone 3 was 42 minutes, 3 times per week” coupled with a qualitative note I write “lawn could use more water” or “zone 3 starting to go dormant but all other zones doing well”.

I’ve been using flex monthly where it adjusts time up/down each month. Although I set a certain time, it keeps changing so I won’t remember what the run times were in July if I look at it in April next season. Similarly, when I noticed the lawn going turning brown, I increased the zone run-times… so even if I did look at the runtime in April, it won’t be what I had last July because A) I increased the zone runtime in August & B) the auto-adjustment decreased the zone runtime again in Fall and Spring.

If I could see the actual runtime per zone and # of times per week, etc that each zone ran last year it would help me remember better to adjust for this year.


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Thanks for the suggestion @clayineuro! I like the idea of giving more data to our users about how Rachio changes over the years. I will relay this to the product team!

It would be really cool if I could see last year usage per zone in minutes & gallons, and also see the temperature and my previous year notes. It would be like a lawn watering journal of sorts.

Thanks for the consideration.

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