Previous Moisture Balance

I just wanted to make sure that it is correct in the previous moisture balance. We have been getting an inch or so every night here and it is reflecting correctly in the precipitation, but the previous moisture balance that carries over is only 0.43, even if the precipitation amount is over that.

Yes, correct. The moisture level will not go over 120% (give or take 1% from what I can tell due to rounding on the display). The precipitation amount displayed will be reduced from the actual to bring the moisture level percentage to 120%.

Curious as to the rationale?

@azdavidr Long history, at first we didn’t allow saturation, then we tried implementing this:

We had a lot of complaints about the saturation level going beyond 150%, so we decided something reasonable was not allowing to go beyond 20% over (120%). It seems to be safe compromise.

If there is a domain expert out there that has a better way to implement, I’m listening.


Dude, having to rely on percip rate from every weatherstation seems like a path fraught with peril.

Thanks @franz. It’s amazing how much you learn over time huh ?

Thanks @franz. I just wanted to make sure what I was seeing was correct logic.