Prevent Rachio from watering in the afternoon?

Hi all, all my zones are completely on drip irrigation which means long watering times. I’ve set my schedule to start watering after 10PM. Sometimes this means the last zone might end in the afternoon. Is there a way of preventing this from happening?

I think this occurs when there’s a rain event and zones top out at some mositure balance (110% in my case, it seems) which means the zones with identical crop coefficients and root depth will need to be watered one after another

I guess if you just adjust any of the levers that control watering frequency (crop coffs, root depth or AD?) a hair, it’ll switch things a day forward or backwards?


Tagging @azdavidr here. Wondering if you’ve encountered this problem? I figure you may have given that you live in a very hot climate where deep watering at night is required.

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@DroughtSaver Are they all on the same schedule? I was thinking you could have some drips on different schedules and then mark those schedules to specific days… so let’s say you have 6 drip zones… put 3 into Schedule A and 3 into schedule B, and then Schedule A waters M, W, F, Su and Schedule B waters Tu, Thur, Sat.


Yes, if my trees and shrubs both water on the same day the watering cycle won’t end until mid to late afternoon. It isn’t a problem for me though. Do you have some sort of watering restriction where you need to keep it from running in the afternoon?

Yes, in Los Angeles all outdoor watering is prohibited from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. LADWP has conservation enforcement teams that drive around in a Prius emblazoned with a “Drought Busters” logo :stuck_out_tongue:

With drip irrigation, the rules aren’t so clear cut, but ordinances aside, it just doesn’t make sense to water in the warmest and often windiest part of the day if I’m trying to conserve water.

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Does this mean some zones will not be on daily flex? Or I’ll have to create two daily flex schedules (is this possible?)

@DroughtSaver You can create multiple daily flex schedules, you just can’t have a zone be on two different ones.


Thanks :cheers: