Precision can be improved in logs

When watering times are updated in the Schedule Updates some confusion is introduced because it doesn’t include the date in the message.

You can see that it changed the next watering time to 4am the next day, but there is a lot of confusion about what day it is referring to since it one mentions ‘today’ in the text.

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The obvious inference here is that it changed to 4am tomorrow, but that is implied, not explicit. Adding the word ‘tomorrow’ or ‘31 August’ would have made it more clear. This is a polish kind of fix, not a showstopper.

The fact that delaying the watering for a day brought the moisture balance far past zero is a separate issue. :slight_smile: Not sure whether the forecast at 4:30am indicated it was going to overshoot zero by half or not.

So much fun. My yard looks amazing! So fluffy and green! I routinely brag about my yard on Facebook now. Makes me think, does the Rachio Facebook page allow users to upload their brag photos? If not, that should be a thing.


Hi Jeremiah!
I definitely see the issue here, a simple change in wording could make this much more clear! Thanks for the input, I will make sure to talk to the team about it.
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