Precipitation recorded when there is absolutely no rain

I keep getting 0.19 of precipitation shown in my zone’s soil moisture when there is no actual rain. Consequently, flex daily skip watering some of the zones. I’ve set the Weather Intelligence + to use PWS close to my location. I’ve checked with WU and there is zero precipitation for that PWS.

This is not the first time this has happened and somehow it’s alway 0.19 precipitation.

@woraphot Can you share a screenshot? I had the engineering team review and the soil moisture chart (at least for zone 1) looks normal.


Zone 1 this morning. It didn’t get water today. There was no rain but it recorded 0.62 of precipitation.

Same for zone 2 and all other zones.

Since that is on “today” it looks like it is forecasted precipitation. Tomorrow if it doesn’t materialize it should be recorded as zero.


Thank you. That clears things up for me.