Precipitation from personal weather stations question

There is a CWOP personal weather station a few houses down the street from me that I am leaning towards using vs an official weather station 6 miles away. This is the CWOP weather station.

When I look at this, I don’t see anything reporting precipitation or anything forecasting precipitation. Unless I just don’t know how to read the page. How would using this CWOP PWS work to prevent my Rachio from watering the lawn in case of past or future rain?

Also, where does Rachio pull the rain forecasts from if using the official weather stations? I don’t see forecasts for the official weather station either.

I clicked on "The last 24 hours of weather data can be viewed at Findu " and it does show precipitation data :wink:

We use your chosen weather station to determine if we can skip your next watering schedule. Here is more information regarding that feature:

If you have not chosen a station, we will use the closest national weather station that has precipitation data (some stations do not report precipitation data).

Hope this helps.


Thanks for pinpointing the FindU link and I now see the forecast office link under registered location as well. I was looking at the graphs below and overlooked those.

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