Pre-winterization deep soak?

We have sprinkler blow-out coming next week. Read the articles on winterization, good stuff. Is it possible to trigger a pre-winterization deep soak, which is typical practise herein Southern Alberta? I guess I could play around with the depletion levels or just run the zones manually but wanted easy button on demand deep soak.

BTW love Iro. Did lots of yard work this spring & travelled lots this summer, Iro did a bang up job in challenging lot layout & weather conditions. For next spring will hook up my NetAtmo PWS (hopefully with a rain and wind gauge by then too!).

Wonderful, we love hearing these stories :sunny:

Close that loop!

Sorry we don’t have anything quite like that. The best you can do is just run each zone manually for a certain period of time. Hoping to have these custom features (winterization, etc.) for next watering season.

Have a good one!


PS hope you don’t mind, wrote to my municipality suggesting they rebate smart sprinklers in the future. I haven’t looked back at prior meter statements but empirically figure we’ve save lots of water.

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