Power off and WiFi off, are watering events recorded?

We are doing some housework and the electricity to the house was turned off for several days. When the electricity was turned back on, it turns out that the power to the Wi-Fi/router was still not on, but the power to the irrigation controller was on.
I know that the controller will continue to irrigate based on the predetermined schedule if the controller has power but there is no Wi-Fi. Looking at the history record from the controller, it says that certain zones were irrigated when the Wi-Fi was not on. Is this real, or is the controller working on the assumption that the zones were irrigated while things were off since it was in the planned schedule in the system memory. Did it really water?

@mchodos When the controller is not connected to the internet it will aggregate zone run data and send it back to the cloud when it re-connects to the internet. This is to help with tracking soil moisture data as well as helping customers determine if watering events happened when it was offline.


But is this based on the pre-scheduled irrigation plan with the assumption that it watered (whether or not it actually watered), or is the unit only reporting actually watering episodes? The reason I am suspicious it is the former is that it says it watered on dates when there was no power to the house.

Only actually watering episodes.

When the controller reconnects we send an aggregate of watering events at the time of re-connection.

It looks like you did have quite a bit of offline events.