Power consumption

Just curious, how much power is a Gen 1 drawing?

@Modawg2k, I assume you’re curious about power draw during idle/standby mode? i.e. when no zones are on and it’s just connected to WiFi.

@emil yeah, i’m just doing a non-scientific energy audit of my house and I want to include those numbers.

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The 24VAC transformer takes about 3W when not plugged into anything (according to a kill-a-watt). The device inside the gen1 takes ~0.3W.

I would guess, with PSU inefficiency, you’re looking at maybe 3.5W in total but I can’t find our office device to check that :slight_smile:


Thanks @hfiennes!

@hfiennes Thanks, I have a kill-a-watt on order right now, looking forward to seeing where all the energy drain is coming from inside the home


Can you post the actual reading you get from it? With a zone on it’ll obviously be higher - maybe ever over 2x the idle power.