Power cable

I have the new Rachio 3. Before I cut the wires to the power supply, I want to be sure there are 2 wires in the plug wire? My electric source is quite a distance away. The previous owner of our house just spliced the existing sprinter system power cable into a cable with two wires and ran it the distance and just cut the wire on both ends to make it work. I’ve tried ordering a extension cable from Amazon and although it’s the correct size (2.5mm) it still will not plug in because the barrel inside is still too big. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Yep, there are 2 wires. There must be 24VAC on the two wires the connect to the barrel jack, not mains.

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So just to be sure I’m getting this right. I cut my wire half way…connect the cut wires to my existing wires with connectors from my gen 3 on both ends, and it should work?

@gaw, can you post a few photos? You shouldn’t cut the wire on the Rachio power adaptor. You might need to splice an extension cord if you need a lower power source.

Sorry for the delay in getting back. This is the existing setup. You can see where I’ve cut the power cable wires and used connectors to connect ends. The power shares with our garage door opener. Maybe these pics will show what I’m trying to do.



@emil Bump…any help or thoughts on this?