Poor wifi reception

I have poor reception at my unit. Is there an option to add an antenna?

@mhakakha - No there is not an external antenna port. I’d suggest getting a WiFi extender or Ethernet over powerline with WiFi to get a better signal at your Rachio.

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I’ve tried, but the box is in a hidden spot with poor reception. Is the unit waterproof? Can I leave it exposed? (Thank you for your quick response)

@mhakakha - the Rachio unit is not waterproof. Rachio sells an external enclosure for the Rachio Gen 2 and Gen 3 devices. I had to put a network extender on the back wall of my house (on the inside) to reach to my Rachio that is installed in an out building.

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A wifi extender is the best bet as was aforementioned. I have encountered this situation numerous times.

Another option is to move your controller to a location where you can hold at least 2 bars on your wifi meter. This could get expensive depending on how far you have to move it as well as the associated cost of wiring and obstacles.


Moving the controller was a good idea and it helped me to retain the stable connection. Thanks spscountenPhD!