Pool top off


Hi. I am looking at the 16 zone controller as a general home automation controller. Landscape lights via a relay, pool filler, fountain, pump.


That sounds like a nice idea. Are you going to use latching relays or low current coils?


I use one of my Rachio zones to manage pool water fill. I had to fiddle with the zone adjustment parameters quite a bit to get the zone fill to match up to how much water is needed daily, but finally got it. As usually, it’s part of fully automatic schedule (flex daily). When it rains, the pool doesn’t fill. When it’s hot with no rain, fill function gets to the point where it’s filling every day.

I haven’t had to mess with pool fill for over a year. And I’m using less water to keep the pool full by making it a function of weather via using a Rachio controller (Gen 2).

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