Pool filtering control

I think could be great if I can use my unused control zones of Iro to control the Pool Filtering, it just need to program a schedule to run every day once or two times for example.
I want to get cloud control of my pool filtering, and there is nothing to do that.

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Can you setup a fixed schedule to do this now? Is there other functionality (other than changing the crop type to pool and disabling smart watering features) that you are thinking of?

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I don’t know pools very well, but maybe this thread would help? There’s some pretty cool pool setups users have come up with. Just an idea.

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I posted a similar request just now. It will be great to have a pool or any other type of pump zone.

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@mdgqru, out of curiosity, how are you currently running your pool filter?
@dbu, same question if I may ask :wink:

Thanks for your reply and I`m sorry for my delay on respond.

I can´t use a disabled zone because if I run any other zone irlo will try to start the master pump do you have any way to disable the master pump on some zones schedules?

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Hi Emil, I got an old fashion controller. It`s a dummy clock where you select every 15 minutes if you want or not to filter.
It works, but there is no remote control, in case of power failure you need to reconfigure the correct time, etc.

@dbu, ah gotcha. We do not currently support MV by zone control, but it’s in our backlog.

Hmm, sounds very annoying. Maybe a WeMo Maker could be setup to run the pool filer on a fixed internal?

Thanks for your reply Emil, I will wait for this features to be added.
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The algorithm needed to optimally run a pool filtration pump is:

10 hours/day if water (not ambient air) is at 90 degrees
5 hours if water is at 50 degrees
assuming it’s a properly sized pump and it’s a single speed pump.

If it’s a dual speed pump, and if you’re running the pump at low speed, then just double the numbers above. I.e.
20 hours if water is at 90 degrees
10 hours if water is at 50 degrees

You should let pump (filter) ‘relax’ once half way in between the daily run time, for 15 minutes.

Use this as a guide to see how pool water temperature various as a function of month of year: http://www.welserver.com/perl/plot/WEL0343/PoolWater.png . In my case, I have to run the filter pump 20 hours per day, on low speed, during the height of the summer. Right now I should be running it about 10 hours per day on low speed.

Hope this helps.

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I’m sure this sort of “zone” would be easy enough for the Rachio guys to set up.

I realize I’m new to this forum. This being my first post and all.
I’ve had my Iro for about a year now. But, until just this past weekend, it was just controlling four sprinkler zones. (Four unused zones!)
My thoughts were, even when I bought it; was that it’d be awesome for controlling my pool as well. So, I put one of the unused zones to work.
I wired zone 5 to a pump start relay (orbit) and connected to my single speed 2hp pool pump. It works perfectly. Spent a bit of time fooling with the app trying to figure out which type of schedule would work best. I created a custom sprinkler nozzle that uses basically no water. As no to skew the regular sprinkler zones usage numbers. Currently, I’ve just got it on a fixed daily schedule. I just can’t help thinking that with the Iro’s capabilities, it could be so much more.