Pool Fill zones

I know there have been some discussions before about pool fill zones and automating them, but it would be nice if you could choose a vegetation / zone type of “Pool”, enter the dimensions of the pool and calculate the evaporation rate - the formula is straightforward and based on surface area, temperature, pressure, and wind speed:

once you know the evaporation rate you could set up an as needed schedule to keep the pool filled, right? you would also have to know the fill rate but usually a pool fill line has no nozzle on it so it would be based on standard 80 psi city water pressure



Add me to the list. Instead of Pool it’s Koi Pond but the principle is the same. I would advocate for users to be able to add custom types like they can with nozzles. Maybe add a puddle icon for fill type applications.


This would work for bird baths also

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I’d like to voice my interest in this feature.


New customer here, would love to see the feature to fill ponds and pools. I have a medium sized koi pond and was hoping this type of feature would already be present.

Add my name to the list for this!

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Dear Rachio, Please add Pool Fill to the software.

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Yes, please!!! I have a fixed schedule zone just for my pool fill. BUT, it would be great if Rachio could develop a “pool fill” algorithm. Maybe something that adjusts fill time based on user input of pool surface area and total volume plus Rachio’s data for time of year, location, and weather…