Pool Automation

I read somewhere in your comments that you have a vision of making Rachio as central hub for all things backyard. Having said that I have idea of making rachio to run pool automation. Basically to control an array of relays which in turn will run pump, heater, lights etc… One of the important modules I would need is water and outdoor temperature sensonrs so I can use their feed back to alter schedule or current run. Can you recommend any wireless/wired sensors that can be integrated with Rachio? What do you think about my idea in general?

Man, that would be sweet!

@akulo, you might be able to leverage some IFTTT recipes to make this work. For example, there are some nifty float controlled valves you could setup on your pool that could be activated by a IFTTT recipe (i.e. run zone 8 (pool zone) only if the temp exceeds X). In regards to the heater and lights, perhaps using WeMos and IFTTT would be a better solution.

Just some ideas :slight_smile:

@emil well I still need physical temp sensors around my property. which ones should I get?

@akulo, I assume you’ll need these to be outdoors?

Wink has a sensor, but it’s rated for indoor use only.

http://www.amazon.com/Aeon-Labs-Aeotec-Z-Wave-Multi-Sensor/dp/B008D5TYGU not a bad sensor, if you use a wink hub it should work with it…