Please help. Rachio Gen 3 from Hunter Pro C

Good evening.
I got my rachio gen 3 and got it installed.
I watched the YouTube videos and read the instructions.
Tested the system before the install to make sure it worked.

After installing and testing the zones.
No water is coming out on any of the zones.
Can someone please help me?

Thank you.


@reaxion - is the Master Valve option enabled in the app? If not, that is why water is not coming out.

Also, the sensor is wired incorrectly - I don’t think they’ll be triggered, but if they are that could also be a reason. Assuming the sensor is a basic hard wired rain sensor one wire will need to be in the 24 VAC - terminal and the other in one in either S1 or S2 and the appropriate setting turned on in the app for only the correct sensor port.

Thank you so much for your reply.
The mater valve is enabled on the app and I have since disconnected the rain sensor with no luck.

I’m feeling really bummed now.

Do you remember turning off the manual valve? Upstream of your master valve, there is likely a manual shutoff valve, this would turn off the water supply to your irrigation valves and thus prevent anything from working.

I have not.
It’s so bizarre.

Got it working finally!
Rebooted the rachio, double checked all the connections and boom I was in business.

Thanks so much!


@Gene @DLane


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I’m going to try a reboot as well. It looks like we had the same previous set up and same problem.