Please define "total watering time"

Is it per cycle, per week, per month? Wondering because I set it up and it’s telling me my times are up to 46 min for some zones. Doesn’t make sense if it’s per cycle b

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Hi @thepro8

Thanks for reaching out, this is Lucas with Rachio support – happy to help clarify.

In short, the “total watering time” should be a sum of all zones, within any given schedule, per run. Without further insight into your scheduling specifics, I’m afraid I can’t offer much more explanation on what you’re seeing.

Any chance you could include some screenshots of where you’re seeing this? Also, it would help if we knew a bit more about your schedule type and settings (i.e. - WAN schedule with Smart Cycle enabled?)
The picture below, for example, is from my Backyard schedule:

Two zones contained, therein:

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Thanks Lucas, the Per run is what I though it was. You guys should check your new scheduler, i got ridiculous suggestions on timing per zone when i tried to set it up.

Is soaking included in run times?