Please add water budgets

Would like the ability to add water budgets (in gallons per billing cycle). The sprinkler could plan around those limits.

If RACHIO can do this, it would be a BIG help. !!!

While the idea sounds good on paper, it sounds to me that a budget may backfire by killing, through inadequate irrigation, the plants.

What happens if hot weather burns through the budget midway through the month? You’ll either let the plants fend for themselves for 2 weeks, or stump their root growth by watering them half the amount needed throughout the month.

Accurate data, on soil, weather and plant types, should, as is, minimize the water use. If the water use for the landscaping is higher than the budget, the best course of action may be to plant more drought resistant plants and update the irrigation settings.

It is not like a food budget, irrigation can’t simply go out less, cook at home and buy in bulk to keep within the budget.