Please add new schedule when you seed lawn to keep it moist

It would be nice to have a schedule when you seed lawn to keep it moist.


It is in their backlog for sure as @benblackmer will confirm.

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Yes, these types of establishment schedules are definitely in the backlog. Keep the ideas coming.

As a new homeowner, I really like this idea as well.


In the meantime, what I have done is to set up a daily (brief) fixed schedule to throw down a little water each day. I set it to run 1 minute before my flex schedule, so the flex schedule will start after the daily wetting is complete.

I have this suggestion posted elsewhere as the need for multiple start times for a schedule.

My old Irritrol controller allows this: up to 15 start times for a single schedule (or program as they call it).

I also suggest that it may programmed with one start time and a repeat x times every y hours to allow the same thing.

Perhaps both approaches may be required for the flexibility to keep newly planted lawn wet.

I like to think of this as a special case of smart cycle, with a different soak time than normal. To be implemented this way, smart cycle might need to change, so that individual zones have independent numbers of cycles and minimum soak times.

Yes – and the soak time could be intelligently adjusted based on the outdoor temperature. A hot day needs a shorter soak time. A cool day could extend the soak time. Perhaps the soak time can optionally be duration range with an optional automatic feature to consider the outdoor temperature.