Planter boxes - how to schedule

I have a circuit with small planter containers most around 1 - 2 cubic feet. The soil is very loamy and it seems to saturate quite quickly. I am thinking I need a frequent but short schedule kind of logic.

What is the best way to configure for that? I have seen some mention of straight interval schedule. Can that be done for a specific zone? I dont see anything to do that!

Hi @zalusky, thanks for reaching out!

Small planter containers can be tricky to calculate schedules for due to the numerous variables at play; vegetation type (and/or mix of vegetation types), soil mix, drainage within the container, location/exposure of container, etc. In general, I’ve found the following zone attributes work best for containers; Vegetation: Annuals // Soil: Loamy Sand // Exposure: per site conditions; typically lots of sun or some shade // Nozzle: match precip rate; typically emitter, bubbler or mister // Slope: Flat.

Regardless, you can configure a straight interval schedule for any mix or single zone. For more information, please see our watering time setup and watering time features support articles. If you need any help setting up schedules for your small planter containers, please send us an email @ and our support team would love to help!

Best, Emil


Thanks @emil. Tried these settings… perfect. Now watering my boxes 9 min daily as opposed to 55 min once a week (or so)

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