Phone App Calendar List

OK, I can get it in 3-clicks from the Home page, so that’s not so bad. Still, in the interest of user friendliness…

Can we get a list option for the calendar so in the app we could tap calendar > day it’s showing a planned run > displays list of zones it intends to run & total times, e.g. Zone 1 - 48 min, Zone 5 - 54 min, etc. Maybe even the same report you get off that Home-click-click-click, just easier to find.

It’s a PITA to get this simple info as-is (if you do it the longer but intuitive way like I was - through the Calendar/Zones icon(s) vs the Home icon).

I should be able to view a complete list for that day off the calendar in 1-click and <1-sec for each controller.


Yes this is my biggest complaint about the app. The calendar needs a lot of refinement, ideally I would like to see past watering as well, along with more detailed info without having to dive and click so many times



When I “discovered” it was available from the Home page I felt rather silly. Then I recalled all of the usability testing we’d done on our sites and software, and Microsoft’s Usability Lab and it struck me—Hey, this isn’t a “user” issue, this is a design issue. Software has to be made “usable”. It’s not a video game!

This is the sole reason you can do things from so many directions in Microsoft’s packages—people see and understand the same things differently! (It’s also what irks me about Apple’s approach, but at least nowadays they have help files, sort of.)

Please extend this functionality to the Calendar icon—but do not eliminate it from the Home icon. Same report, just another access link to it.

Can the report be improved? Yes. But imo access is more important for now.

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I’d like to see improvements on the calendar as well.

One of the things I like to look at is what is my forecast for a specific schedule (eg when are the next set of days it’ll run). I cannot see this easily. I have to go into each and every day and click in and out to see this information. Ideally I’d like to see a running list of all scheduled waterings which I could filter by schedule is desired. The home page shows the next watering. I’d like something similar on the calendar to show all waterings at the bottom.

Related, I’d like the history grouped by schedule. I don’t always want to see all the details of every zone and when it started/stopped. I’d like to see it grouped by schedules so I can see what ran on which day (total time, etc.), and then click into the schedule if I want to see what it did. The current view is also helpful so I wouldn’t remove it, but would be nice to filter by zone instead of seeing everything.

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