Periodic Faults

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I put a ticket in, but thought I would check with the collective.

Replaced a RainBird. I am able to run zones manually. However, I do get “fault in zone master valve” on occasion. If I stop and start it a couple of times after the fault…it works. Other times, no fault and it works fine. Attached are the pictures of the controller, pump starter relay and power relay?? I believe there were two pumps at one point. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am unable to run a full schedule at this time. I have a pump using a lake as the water source.

@bluvette05 - is the reduce water hammer option enabled in this set up? If so, the reduce water hammer option activates a second valve before closing the first valve and the additional valve might be pushing Rachio over the power budget limit. I might try turning off the reduce water hammer option and see if that helps.

If the reduce water hammer option isn’t set, then the pump start relay may be pulling too much power when it activates. I’ve seen a post where I think this model should work. So I don’t know if one should try a low draw (amp) pump start relay, replace this one with a newer version of the same make/model or what.


Thanks. Freely admit, not sure if there is a water hammer option. But, for some reason, the previous owner had two relays(I assume for the second pump). Not using the second pump, so I’m removing one and keeping the lower volt one. Hopefully that will do the trick. More to follow.

That relay looks pretty hefty. Does it’s coil possibly draw more current than the Rachio can deliver? I know the contacts need to be big enough to handle switching the pump motor, but, ??

@bluvette05 - In the Rachio app under more at the bottom right corner, then controller settings and one will see the minimize water hammer option.

If there are two pump start relays that the Rachio is trying to start then, yes that could be the problem. The Rachio power supply is only 1 Amp to supply the Rachio control board, pump start relay and zone valves.

I didn’t see two pump start relays in the pictures. So check to see that only one pump start relay is being switched by Rachio and turn off minimize water hammer if it is on.

Sounds like you may be close to getting it solved. Hope this helps.

@BobL27 - correct! There are some pump start relays that pull too much current to have Rachio power their relays. That and two pump start relays could also be a problem. I did find a prior post where the 57009 should work. However, if it is old with corrosion and more resistance in the relays - who knows.

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Thanks All! Removed the heavier relay…works like a champ now.

Thank you!