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These may have been suggested before, but I’d like to see the next version of app/iro have 2 things to protect in case of loss of wifi.

  1. Instead of just telling you that you missed a schedule because the device is offline, let the users know what was missed (zones and durations) and have a “catch up” button in the app for when you dropkick your router to get the iro connected again.

  2. Have the iro store the scheduled in advance (say 15 days) so that if you go out of town during a wifi outage you got some peace of mind that the currently stored schedule will still run so that you’re not in a panic to get things fixed while away



Thanks @Bret. The controller currently does store schedules that will run in case it is not connected to Wi-Fi at the time of a scheduled watering.

Interesting suggestion. I think a trick here would be understanding why the device was offline, either no Wi-Fi or loss of power. @franz, what’s your thought on this?

@benblackmer So if the controller does store schedules, how do we know if it ran or not? This morning I got a notification that my daily flex program “was scheduled to run but device is currently offline.” When I got it back online a couple of hours later, there was nothing in the app history that indicated anything was watered. So how would I know what happened?

The controller currently does store schedules that will run in case it is not connected to Wi-Fi at the time of a scheduled watering.

But it does not run, for instance, a flex daily schedule that was predicted to run but there was no internet connectivity the hour before the predicted run. So maybe fixed and flex monthly schedules are stored and run but flex daily requires internet to run. That is something I would like to see changed to be more fault tolerant. I’ve mentioned this in another thread. Watering strategy when Iro is off line

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@Bret @sbillard

For flex daily one feature I want to add is more aggressive scheduling if the controller is offline. What I mean is as soon as the controller is online it will be told to run flex daily at its next scheduled time (in case it goes offline again)

If the controller is offline for more than half the day our flex daily backup kicks in which is a fixed interval. Eventually I want to make this much, much more sophisticated.



Why can’t your server, knowing when a unit is offline, just continue, say every hour for a set window of time (6 hours?), to try and communicate to the unit until its successful. And then force the schedule to run if it was supposed to.
Question - does the system if a connection is offline, try again or just mark that unit as offline and go to the next customer?

Good question.

@franz, if the controller waters while it’s offline, does it log that watering when it reconnects?


Yes, we actually store offline irrigation events and when the controller reconnects we record them :wink:


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