Pause Watering/Interruption Scheme for a Specific Time

Hello, I have just received my Rachio 2nd gen 8 zone controller, I really like this controller. But I have a unique problem. My problem is I have 8 zones and I would start my sprinklers around 4am normally and they would run until around 8am. That’s okay, but that would cause a problem because at 6:30am until 7:30am I need those sprinkler’s to pause or interrupt running for an hour. (Wife is in the shower during the time sprinklers are off)
So far their is no option for pause on the Rachio or interruption of cycle. So I started thinking of how I can accomplish an interruption or pause.

This is what I did, I set up two Flexible monthly cycles for my area and for my times needed (6:30 to 7:30am).

1st Flexible monthly schedule, starting at 5:am watering zones #1 thru #4, I checked off zones #5 thru #8 during the setup. Total water time for zones 1 thru 4 watering time will be 1hr and 14mins. This will end the first schedule prior to 6:30am when I need the sprinklers to be off.
2nd Flexible monthly schedule, starting at 7:30am watering the remainder zones #5 thru #8, I checked off zones #1 thru #4 during the setup. Total remainder of watering time will be 1hr and 28mins.

Of course I could have adjusted the time to start earlier like 2am to water all 8 zones together as I had done in the past with my dumb sprinkler controller. But with watering that early causes to much problems with lawn disease and so on, besides this is a smart controller and should be smarter and be able to do more than what my dumb controller could do. Right??

So I hope it helps those of you looking to find a work around for a time they wish the sprinklers to stop or not run. For me it means, happy wife, happy life. :smile:

Thanks for reading,