PAUSE Please

I would like to see if there could be possible to incorporate a manual pause during the scheduled watering routine and the be able to resume. Sometimes one needs to adjust a head or do a quick repair adjustment etc. and continue. :nose:

We started out implementing that, which was very cool, but it added a crazy amount of complexity to the system.

So not in the short term :frowning:

After 2.0 I’m getting out of the product owner biz, so I’ll let that team take over making these decisions :wink:


hahahahahah, i could only imagine the number of branch conditions that creep into the code trying to accomplish this. now if you were running something like erlang, where you can hibernate an entire process, that might help, but i doubt it.

The thing is the firmware was fairly easy, the API was a decent amount of work, but the clients started to fall apart with all of the different use cases. Learned a lot of lessons about building cool features.


How about if its only implemented into the the control panel only and not into the main schedule. Just a thought. :angel:

Never mind bad thought. :heart_eyes_cat:

@JNotar The problem is that the mobile/webapp apps would be confused, and they have to now know what a paused state is.

So, simple concept, but ripples everywhere.