Partial Electric Imp Agent Outage this morning

Full transparency wanted to relay this to the community. Our last mile WiFi provider (Electric Imp) had a partial outage this morning.

For fixed schedules this would only affect some missing events in your activity history.

For flex schedules if we did miss any irrigation completed events unfortunately these won’t be applied to the overall zone irrigation, and our system might potentially want to re-apply those missed events.

What are we doing about it?

This week we will be releasing new firmware that will make your Iros much more resilient to cloud issues and intermittent WiFi connectivity issues. We will essentially buffer any outgoing cloud messages and make sure they are successfully delivered to our cloud once the Iro is re-connected or cloud issues are resolved.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.


Partial production agent outage
Multiple production servers experienced agent issues from 09:37-11:15 UTC, then from 11:31-11:53 UTC; failovers succeeded but caused further failures. Investigation ongoing now.
Jul 13, 15:19 UTC

This may solve the riddle of the day. My fixed back yard schedule was interrupted during a second cycle that started at 5:23 AM EST. The first zone never registered as complete, and did not start the second zone until 6:35AM EST.

IF you want to look into the ticket I have with Support, let me know and I will forward the Ticket number.

Am I missing something? Why is your last mile / data centre on WiFi?


@waverate, sorry for any confusion. Your Rachio account, settings and schedule intelligence is stored in the cloud. Any outage will prevent your Iro from receiving this data. If/when this happens, your Iro will run a backup schedule that it saves with the last schedule it ran.

If you have any concerns, please email our support team [] and we’d be happy to review your account in detail in relation to Monday’s outage.

@bbruce65, it’d be happy to review your support ticket in detail if you can send me the ticket number.

Best, Emil

Hi Emil. I replied to the e-mail with the ticket number. Please let me know if you did not receive it. Thanks,

@bbruce65, yep, I got it! Will review.


Has the firmware been updated yet to fix the reporting issues when the internet is down? I know my internet was down last night. I also know that the Iro did run two schedules. Neither have showed up in the watering history on the WEB app.

This will be finished up over the weekend. Lot of testing needed :wink:.

The tentative plan is to push this early next week. I will broadcast on the forum when the firmware is sent to the devices.