Overwatering - Phantom zone?

Hello! I’m confused! (Not very techie, so it’s easily done). I have a Rachio F4909A with 3 Zones. Zone 3 is getting way overwatered and I can’t figure out why. Then about a week ago I got an email from Rachio informing me of a watering adjustment for Zones 1-3 and a separate email from them saying that Zone 5 had been adjusted from 37 to 49 minutes. However, I don’t have a Zone 5(Never did) and when I go on my Ap, it shows disabled and I can’t access it. Could it be that Zone 3 is also getting watered as Zone 5?


I had the engineering team review and it looks like the zone 5 is in a schedule, but disabled so assuming it does not run. Our software should not allow a schedule with only one zone that is disabled, so a defect on our side. I’ll report this to the team.

Hope this helps.