Overlapping flex schedules for different zones

Question for the community that I didn’t see specifically answered. My city has an apparently novel water restriction system whereby I can water any type of irrigation on one day, and drip irrigation only on another day each week. So, my drip zone can water Tuesday and/or Saturday, while my sprinkler zones can only water on Saturday.

Since each schedule is contained by which days it can run, I created two flex schedules. One for my drip zone allowed to run on Tuesdays or Saturdays, and one for my sprinkler zones only allowed to run on Saturdays.

My question is Saturday. If I set both schedules to start at 5am, and flex decides that both should run on Saturday, which one wins? Will it sequence them so everyone gets their water? Right now I have the drip running much later in the morning to try to avoid contention, but since the length varies, I’d rather just have them overlap and let Rachio figure out how long it needs for everything.

It would just run one of them completely then run the next one completely. Not sure how it would determine which one runs first. When I had something like that it would always run the lower number zones before the higher numbered zones but I don’t know if that is because of the zone numbering or it just happened to occur that way. If there is an order you would prefer I would just set the one you want to go second to start half an hour after the first schedule.

Set your drip to start 1 minute after the turf and the turf will run then the drip.