Over riding serial no in use

Hello!! I am new here and recently moved into a rental that has the rachio system. I downloaded the app and it says the serial number is already in use… is there a way to bypass this? Thanks in advance!

If you or the landlord can get in touch with the previous tenant, the easiest thing is to follow instructions at Transfer ownership of a Rachio controller to your account. Worst case, you might have to call support. Maybe a better thing would be to have the account transferred to the landlord and then they can set it up following How to use Complete (formerly Shared) Access

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@lisam - is it the landlord that has ownership of the system? If so, they could grant you shared access to run the system. Or, they may want to keep control to make sure the landscape is being watered.

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Thank you ! I called Rachio today and they took care of it. Now I have a new problem. I got it all up and going but nothing is happening. The app says it’s doing a quick run but no sprinklers are going.

Do you know if it was working before? Is their a master valve (manual or auto) / pump? I would try manually turning on a zone (usually rotate the solenoid 1/4 turn counterclockwise) to see if water comes out.

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So… let me start by saying I know nothing about sprinkler systems!! I’m trying to wing it alone (with a little help from here :slight_smile: ). I found place in the yard where I think the master valve/pump would be and it is EMPTY!! The app shows in the history it appeared to work in July of last year as it running as scheduled…

The easiest thing might be to talk to the landlord.

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@lisam - posting a picture of what you’re looking at can help. It may be a manual valve instead of an electric one. Also, dirt will flow into the in ground boxes in heavy rains and irrigation and cover up valves. Gently (watch out or wires) dig down and see if there is a pipe or valve there.

I agree with @Thomas_Lerman - I’d ask the landlord, they should know where the valves are and the system configuration.

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Well… you would think so, unfortunately they just acquired the property and they told me when I signed the lease all that was on me.

I will post pics after work!!

That is unfortunate that they do not know anything. Are you in a neighborhood that uses wells or any need for a pump? Is Rachio set up for a master valve / pump (in other words, wired and configured that way)? I might check with neighbors to see if well, pressurized irrigation, or culinary water (if you do not know).

I know there are a lot of people in the neighborhood that have sprinklers. I’ll go visit with the lady across the street and see if she can give me any info… the couple of people I’ve talked to have lived in the neighborhood for 40 years +, surely they know something about it! LoL We are not on wells, I do know that. I will post a pic of the wiring when I get home. Thank you so much for being so kind!!

Here is how it is wired…

And I found another box as well… so there are 2.

It looks like you do not have wired up a controller controlled master valve / pump (‘M’ connection on left of the top section of connectors). You still may have manually controlled valve for controlling all the sprinkler water.

Did you try to manually turning on a zone (usually rotate the solenoid 1/4 turn counterclockwise) to see if the sprinklers come on (you probably would hear the water from the valve too)?

@lisam - my guess is that there are valves under the dirt in the top valve box.

Like @Thomas_Lerman suggested I’d turn the solenoid (the hexagon shaped device) on one of the valves in the bottom picture a quarter of a turn to see if water comes out of that zone. If water does come out then we’re down to an electrical issue. If water doesn’t come out then we need to get the water flowing as there is likely a manual cutoff valve or electric master valve before the zone valve.

I’m curious about the white wire in the zone 7 slot. With just two colors of wires - red and white and potentially two boxes of three valves apiece I’m wondering if that white wire is a common wire for the second set of valves, I’d label the white wire in zone 7 (so you can identify it) and move it to a C port. Be careful pressing in the wire release tab if you move it so it won’t get bent.