Over 11 hr water time?! Is this correct?

So I have warm season Bermuda and hit the lock button on the crop coefficient to allow Rachio to adjust it accordingly and put root depth to 6in. (Not sure if 9in. seemed too much)… But 12 hrs of total watering seems way off?? No?

I am in Texas and the heat is running wild at 100°+ and have a water restriction for our area to water one day a week (Sunday)…

Can someone help? What do people with similar climates have or knows enough to set these advanced settings…

Thanks in advance

Do I understand correctly that you are allowed to water only one day a week (Sunday)?

Flex Daily Schedules don’t work well if you are restricted to watering on only one day a week.

From the Rachio website:
We do not recommend using Flex Daily schedules if you cannot water 4 days or more per week as the dynamic nature of Flex Daily schedules could up watering on each non-restricted day trying to catch up to your optimal soil moisture level. For example, if you can only water on Tuesday and Thursday, and the Flex Daily schedule watered on Tuesday, on Thursday it will determine if you can wait until next Tuesday. If not, it will water again on Thursday. The recommended setting is Any Day

Hey @twin1

Yes, I currently have this schedule set to fixed now… I should probably set my other schedules to be fixed then but I still have 12hr total run time. I was able to bring it down some by upping the water/hr since I had the plumbers increase my psi for the system… Not sure if there are other settings out there to provide more accurate numbers…


Awc seems kind of high, are you sure you have the correct soil type? I’d assume your set to some type of clay soil? If so duration increases with clay

Clay loam here in central Texas… I applied fix which help calculate a bit better since I’m on water restrictions it might factor in something there?

That makes sense. It has been documented by Rachio those with watering restrictions of a certain amount of days or more, should not use flex.

We do not recommend using Flex Daily schedules if you cannot water 4 days or more per week

so does that mean if odd/even a flex daily should not be used ??
is flex monthly the better option ??
have had the controller on flex daily for a few years, thanks for your time

can see for sure, how 1 day a week wouldn’t work with the flex daily

While certainly not ideal, I think a Daily Flex schedule might work using odd/even day restriction.

Why not give it a try and see how it does?