Outside Installation

I recently received my Rachio along with the recommended waterproof enclosure you recommended in your outdoor installation guide http://www.support.rach.io/article/49-outdoor-installation. My existing sprinkler controller system was outdoor ready and had a simple plug running to an outdoor plug with a waterproof cover to protect the plug. Simple right? The enclosure you recommended seems to require it be hardwired in order for me to use the internal plug. I am comfortable doing this but this seems to be much harder then necessary. Is there more simple solution here? Do you have a recommended waterproof enclosure that comes with a plug?

@rlynch‌ We’ve had others use this without hardwiring. You should be able to remove the built in outlet and run the power cord up through where the zone wires come through on the bottom.

Let me know if that works.

You could also wire the outlet in the enclosure to a wire with a plug. That would be a bit simpler than hardwiring.


I recently bought this part from Amazon which worked out pretty well;


Good luck.


Just tried the outdoor installation link in the first message above, and it seems to be a dead link. Is there an updated one anywhere?

@DrewM‌ Here is the updated link. Let us know if you have any more questions or feedback. Thanks! http://www.support.rach.io/article/213-outdoor-installation