"Other" zone activates before any other quick start

I just rewired my sprinklers because I added a well pump and the existing wires weren’t good enough to carry the 24 VAC control signal.

Anyway, everything seems fine, except when I select a Quick Run in the app it starts zone #7 for a few seconds before switching to the zone I actually activated. This is especially annoying because zone #7 is one that I do not care to use and the sprinklers are getting things wet that I do not want to get wet.

Any idea why this is? The history online just shows that I ran the selected zone, but the controller (2nd generation) is definitely activating the wrong zone temporarily.

Has to he a short in the system somewhere. If it’s coming on before the actual zone, that makes me think something is crossed with the pump relay. Assuming Rachio is wired to this relay to trigger the pump?

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