ORBIT to Rachio 3E

Currently have an ORBIT 27894 controller watering a 4 zone system. Three zones are for drip setup watering cactus type plants with about 4’-5’ spacing in rock gardens or pots. Fourth zone is a grassy area of approximately 350 sq. ft. and utilizes sprinklers. Controller is and will be on the outside of a predominately shaded area.
We live in Southern California, San Fernando Valley area and is about 10 degrees warmer than Los Angeles.
All the videos I have watched refer to sprinkler systems not drip. Not sure about the amount of time to set for each zone, set watering for twice a day as the flow rate now is 2 gallons per hour, can the Rachio 3E vary the watering times for each zone based on the actual summer to winter temperatures?
Not a plumber nor do I have a green thumb but I do have a gardener that I can hold his feet to the fire.

You can set fixed schedules for whatever you want. If you want to let Rachio really shine, get everything set up correctly and run Flex Daily schedules.


Thank you for your prompt response. I thought that Flex Daily be the way to go. Thanks for the confirmation.

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It does take a bit of setting up to make sure its working correctly. Very important the zones are set up with the correct information, and sprinkler/drip precipitation is set up correctly.

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