Only One Zone Turns On

I replaced my 7 zone rain bird system with the Rachio yesterday. I got it connected to my wifi without any issues. I started running through the zones and didn’t have any luck until I got to Zone 5 which turned on without any issues. My old system had a common wire which I have attached into the correct port on the Rachio. My old system did not have a wire leading into the master pump port. I don’t have a picture of the Rachio setup and I don’t think it would help as all of the wires are the exact same color and gauge. I moved several of the zone wires around, excluding Zone 5, and nothing else turned on.

Any ideas?

@chuckrox8 Please reach out to and send your old/new wiring pictures. They will get you setup in no time.



@chuckrox8, good evening. We haven’t seen any support tickets come in from you yet. I’ll do my best to provide some ideas into the issues you’re experiencing.

Do you happen to have a rain sensor included in your wiring?

Photos are usually a BIG help, even post installation. We’d be happy to review them to see if anything looks out of place. If you have any photos of your old wiring, they would be useful to compare to your current wiring as well.

We’re here to help.

Best, Emil