One zone stopped working all of a sudden, need help

Zone 1 on my Rachio Gen 2 all of a sudden stopped working. This zone waters shrubs along the front and side of my house. Approximately 8-10 heads in total. It is the green wire.

There are two small, round valve boxes at the front of my house. Over on the side of the house, by the other misters for zone 1, is another valve box. I’m pretty sure both are for zone 1, unless that’s not possible.

For the two small, round valve boxes by each other, one has a valve and both of it’s wires are disconnected. The other has what appear to be three different bunches of wires coming in. I assume one bunch is from the control box, one bunch goes to the west aide of the house and the other goes to east side of the house.

Over in the square valve box on the side of the house: This valve box appears to be pretty flooded. Not really sure why as we have been in pretty dry conditions. I’m confident this valve box is for zone one because the valves are hooked up to the green wire.

I ran power tests on the zones at the box. All the zones showed 45 volts, while zone 1 showed 35. Resistance was all the same at .5.

Would one valve not being connected cause entire zone 1 not to work? Even if the valves in the other box are all connected? Would the flooding of a valve box be an issue?

I’m not sure where to start.

@Tarhawk - Rachio uses 24 Volt AC, was the volt meter set to the right scale (if analog)?