One zone running continuously can't shut off

I had to replace my valves and when I went in to turn on my Rachio zones to run, I now have one of the zones runining continuously and I can’t get it to shut off. Any suggestions?

One of the easiest tests to do is to disconnect the zone wire from the controller or alternatively unplug the controller. If it’s still runs with no power going to it, the valve is stuck open. Which valve do you have? If it is a valve that you can manually turn on by, for example, a small turn of the solenoid, see if that is loose for some reason.

Please excuse my ignorance, but what does the solenoid look like? I see thcomplete Valve, is that what you are referring to (see pic below) or is it something on it?:

Here’s what Rachoio sent me:

To check for a stuck valve, you may start by manually closing the valve. Most valves can be opened by turning your solenoid 1/4" clockwise (to the right) or via a bleed screw - please note that the bleed screw leaks water when opened. This is not a definitive test, but it shows the state of the valve’s diaphragm.

I kindly invite you to check the video below and the article from Irrigation Tutorials on how to troubleshoot a valve: Repairing Sprinkler Valves without replacing the valve. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you may want to reach out to an irrigation specialist or to a Rachio Pro ( that can assist you on-site.


Thank you for posting a picture, that helps quite a bit. I found the manual at and you will not want to turn the solenoid, but rather the bleed screw. I would say most valves have the bleed screw as part of the solenoid. The instructions that I provided in the link starts off with a “Manual Operation” section which has a picture and how to manually turn off. This is a new valve, correct?

Thanjk you!