One zone not working.Been using Rachio for 6 months

All of sudden I noticed my front yard is dried. when I turned zone3 manually, It’s not watering. I tried to put Zone3 wire in different zone(Zone4) and zone still does not work. I tried to put Zone 4 into zone3 and turned on zone3, It works. Looks like there is problem only with zone3 . Can you help me in identifying the issue?

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What you tried was a good diagnostic step. It seems to not be the controller. I might suggest trying a couple more steps (if one fails, you might not need to check the other):

  1. Manually turn on the valve: Obviously, I do not know the type of valves you have nor if you know how, but just in case, here is the first link that I found . . . if it fails, it might be the valve that might need cleaning, tuning, or replacing. Remember to turn it back to the off position.
  2. With a multimeter, test the voltage at the controller with it powered on (we know it works properly). Go to the valve and test the voltage there. If no voltage, maybe the wire got broke somewhere. Possibly one or both of the wires came loose in the wire nuts. Any possibility is the solenoid going bad.

Okay, I really gave you more than a couple of steps, rather a few things to look at. If you have questions, please feel free to post. Please let us know the results. Some feel a bit silly if it is a loose wire, but it really happens quite a bit. We hope it is something easy like that.

Appreciate you quick help Thomas. I am a new home owner and trying to understand how this works . Thank you

Glad to hopefully help. Please do let us know how things go and how we can help you understand how this works.