One time event complete cycle

I’m thinking I am missing the obvious. When the lawn maintenance people spray the yard, I am supposed to water within 24 hours, preferably less, as the Florida heat tends to evaporate what was applied.

What I would like to be able to do is run all zones, at the previously set times, easily. Immediately would be ok, setting the start time would be even better. All I’ve found to do so far to use Quick Run and then set the times for each of the 11 zones that I have. I see that I can set the same time for all zones easily too. But is there any way to just run the cycle I’ve already set in my schedules, just run it on a one-time basis?

I see a similar question from long ago, but it doesn’t open when I click it, or the archive

If you go to your schedule, you can quick run the entire schedule from there.