One skipped, one ran

Hello! I have some drip lines set to run two hours before the rest of my zones, both on “as-needed” schedules. Yesterday I got an alert that my drip lines were going to be skipped because of weather conditions, etc, which I expected since we’ve gotten almost 4" rain lately. The strange thing is, two hours later, the regular zones thought it would be fine to run. I figured they would more or less be in lock step with regards to go/no-go. Here’s a link to a screenshot from my dashboard:

If you have any ideas on why this would happen, I would appreciate them. Thanks!

@codymac This is due to the different settings under weather intelligence. Rain skip versus a climate skip.

Climate Skip uses evapotranspiration data (ET data) and forecasts to calculate the soil moisture balance in your soil. This will vary based on your zone characteristics. If you’d like to disable this feature just navigate to weather intelligence on your schedule and toggle the feature off.

Here is some more information regarding those two skip types. Hope this helps.


I would assume that since the settings are identical for the two programs, then they would behave the same?

Thanks for the reply!