One of my zones is actually pool water

Just purchased the Rachio 16 Zone system and can not wait to install it. But one question I have is my current system Irritrol has the 1st zone tied to pool water level (activated manually) when the pool level drops below a certain level. How can I connect this zone and active manually for the pool as I don’t want it to be automated.

Thanks for your support.

Hi @vaqua55, good morning. Great question!

This is super simple to setup on the Iro. I’d recommend installing the pool valve to zone 1 or 16 on the wall mount. Then, when you go to setup your watering times, just make sure to exclude this zone from the list of zone options. You could even setup an on-demand watering time for just the pool valve that you could run at your leisure.

If you wanted to automate the valve in the future to turn on at set temperatures or trigger to activate pending a float valve, we have the ability to do so using third party software and/or hardware.

Hope this helps! Once you get the Iro installed, if you still need help, feel free to post here or email our support team [].

Best, Emil

great to hear thanks will install and play with the options I have and hope I can figure out how to set pool valve up to be an on demand zone.