On site rain counter

I would like to see in the near future the ability to add a tipping rain can instead of a rain sensor, thus, allowing the actual rain fall at my location to be subtracted from the schedule based on a user defined threshold. For example if I would like to apply .5" to my lawn and the rain event forecast shows a potential of .25", I would like the program run time to be adjusted to provide a “top up” to the remaining .25" giving me a total of .5" of prcipitation

@Jeff great request. We will be doing something similar to this in the future. This plays into the ultimate vision for our learning algorithm.

@Jeff - I use one of those as well connected to my Netatmo system. It would be great if in the future we have the ability to have integration through services such as IFTTT so that we can use data from other disparate systems to make decisions. I see this as Netatmo is already connected to IFTTT as is several other home automation products. I can make decisions based on conditions affecting me directly and not universal.

I live within 100 feet of one of these very-capable municipal rain gauges, would be nice to be able to key off that data.


These numbers are integrated into GIS data as I can pull them up on the ESRI ArcGIS app. So there is probably some way to use location of Iro controller to pick one or a few to use - programmatically. Unfortunately I bet not many municipalities do this type of thing…and probably not in a standard way…for it to be a viable source of data.

There are also private weather stations around here that feed data to weather underground (maybe a more-ubiquitous data source).

@Latz‌ , we’re in the process of switching over to a new weather provider that supports thousands of individual weather stations worldwide. If all goes well, we expect to do the switch next week.

@coslor‌ - 100 thumbs up for that :wink: