Ok gen 3 Installed! When is the flow meter shipping?

So excited. After a hiccup installing the gen 3, ( stuck with 3 bars showing 4th blinking,) Which I was able to fix by factory reset and starting over, I am ready for the flow meter. Any idea when it is it shipping? Current date is May 6th. I need to know when to order my Sharkbite connectors and a pipe cutter so I can set this thing up… Very excited to finally get some accurate water, (gallon) data… I am a Rachio fanboy and can not wait to get this complete. Thanks all!


Glad to hear you’re all up and ready to go @jaycamp :slight_smile:

Flow meters will start to ship in Mid-May!

(and we totally love that you’re a Rachio fanboy, thanks for all the love and support :slight_smile: )

-Lo :rachio: