Offline indication

I am stumped. My Gen 2 system has been rock solid since day 1. However, today it is saying it is offline on the app but the lights on the unit are all on signifying everything is OK. I can manually start/stop zones from the app on my PC.
Anything going on in the cloud that would be giving a false reading??

System is back on line, so I guess I’m ok.

@edbianc, sorry for any confusion you experienced. Did you happen to refresh the mobile app by pulling down on the home screen?

I’m assuming the webapp showed the controller online when you logged in?

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I was using the webapp for all the actions.

Thanks for confirming. Do you recall how long it took the webapp to update the state of the controller? If you’re still having issues, we can open a support ticket to review the logs in more detail.

Thanks for the follow up. Everything is fine now. It was at least 1 hour or so before it displayed “online”. However, I did not see any changes reported in the device updates section.

BTW A couple of the ones I access are slow to update Standby status too.