Offline in app but shows all 4 lights on controller


My G2 is shown as offline in the app but all of the unit’s LEDs are on. Not sure whether it’s related but it happened sometime after running this morning’s cycles.


Hey @dannyhumphress,

Sorry to hear your controller went offline! Is the fourth LED blinking or solid?

McKynzee :rachio:


All 4 lights are solid.


@dannyhumphress Thank you for that. Do you mind unplugging your controller for about ten seconds, plugging it back in, and then telling me the light code you are seeing after that?


I am away from home through the weekend but will try that when I return.


@dannyhumphress Sounds like a plan. Just for your piece of mind, your controller should still water this upcoming Saturday as scheduled! Let me know when you get the chance how power cycling goes.
McKynzee :rachio: