Off Season Timer Use for Holiday Lights

I have a Rachio 16 controller with a 24v/120v pump relay for a booster pump. It is located about 280 ft from the house housed in the weather proof housing . It picks up the house wifi signal great, so i also use it off season for holiday lighting so i don’t have to run extra 300 feet of extension cords, since I have a 20a outlet where the Rachio Controller is. But I have to keep adjusting the time on as the Sun sets earlier each night in the Fall/Winter.

Could Rachio provide new timer options for off season different uses - eg , turn on at DUSK (by tracking sundown by location) and run for X hours?

I would even buy more relays and use the 24v feed from different valves to increase the holiday light show I have.

A totally new off season use for the Controller.

There is an option to start after sunset…Not sure if this is too “dusk” for your needs or not…this adjusts according to time and location.

Otherwise, you should be able to create an IFTTT rule to run a “zone” at “sunset”, and I believe you’d be able to +/- minutes in that rule.