Odd/Even Watering Days Missing?

I think they might have made an oversight in the new software… the old Flex schedule allowed for intelligent watering, but only on specific days (my town only allows watering on even days for my side of the street). I don’t see this option with the new scheduling prompts… am I missing something? I don’t want to select the Odd Day Interval, because I don’t want my lawn watered every other day… I just don’t want it to be watered on odd days. Any suggestions???

That’s something we want to incorporate in a future release (into the new scheduling).

If flex scheduling was working for you please continue to use it, we are moving towards a solution that will work for everyone.

If you removed your old flex schedule, in the short term you can use this to add it back.


Sorry for any confusion.


Thanks Franz! I still have my of Flex schedule, but I’m not sure it’s working properly… when I took my system off standby, it wasn’t set to water for over a week. When I added a new schedule, it watered the following day…

I would look at your moisture graph for that zone, it will show you when will run next, and if not for a week why…

This might help explain the moisture graphs…


I’m inclined to scrap the Flex schedule and just go with the new one… I’m not too concerned about a fine for watering on odd days. I just don’t understand why “new and improved” software would have less functionality… doesn’t really make sense.

Has this issue been fixed in the latest app update? Thanks!

The 2.6 software re-introduced flex schedules (flex daily). Restrictions are still not supported in flexible monthly (formerly known as water as needed).


Thanks Franz! Are there any disadvantages to using the Flex Daily schedule?

@discdoc They are less predictable than the flexible monthly, but more efficient. The fine tuning can be more difficult, but once dialed in should not need any more attention. Here are some more resources if you are intersted in trying them out.

Also, you can always make a shadow flex daily schedule if you have any disabled zones that are not being used to test it out :wink:


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Well, the old Flex schedule always worked well for me, so I think I’ll give this a shot… thanks again, Franz!