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Few days ago I upgraded my Gen1 to Gen3, transferred all settings and removed Gen1 from the account. I noticed that the station precipitation is not read into the system. Last 3 days we had .41", 1.07" and 1.59" of rain reported by my station, however the precipitation in the moisture charts show 0. This happened to me once before a long time ago, but looks like it’s back. Has anyone noticed this issue? Also I have a standard non wifi rain sensor that worked fine on Gen1 but hasn’t triggered yet on Gen 3 with 3" of rain. Per instructions I plugged 1 wire to S1 and the other to 24-. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


I’m working on incorporating NWS stations into Weather Intelligence Plus for folks that are too far from a PWS. This should be done this week.

Have you reviewed the latest R3 rain sensor wiring instructions? If you have please feel free to post your wiring photos (in another thread) and someone should be able to assist.


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Here is an update on NWS.

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