Nozzle inches per hour

I got my rachio controller connected to a new drip system over the weekend. The drip line is a Netafim 0.9 GPH line. I would like to know what is the correct value for “Nozzle Inches Per Hour” in zone advanced settings for this line.

Thank you so much.

I have no familiarity with Netafim. Try the irregular drip post for the low down on drip emitters and nozzle rate. Some information may be transferable to netafim. Area is a key parameter.

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@Kubisuro, the drip tubing or drip tape is a different animal and I don’t have any familiarity with how to calculate the PR of this material. I don’t think @azdavidr excel sheet will work for the drip tubing.

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Good to know. I’ve heard of netafim but never looked into because I’m very happy with my archaic drip tubing and emitters.

My feeling is if you know the approximate wetting area or area of your plants (lawn??? is that what Netafim is used for???) that you could get some approximation of nozzle inches per hour. But then I also would hope that Netafim might provide a chart of nozzle inches per hour or equivalent since it (seems to be) a specialty, proprietary landscaping irrigation system.

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They do, and I suppose you could just enter that into Rachio, but I can’t confirm.



Dang. That’s a great start for the OP, @lidia

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