Notifications with multiple Rachio systems

I know this may not be come into play for most people, but I like Rachio so much I installed one for my parents. And I shared theirs out to me so I can help them manage and troubleshoot it remotely. Works great.

The suggestion is if you could include the name of the Rachio system in notifications for the mobile app. For example, I get notifications that the Rain Sensor was activated, that a zone started/completed, etc. But they don’t tell me which system it is referring to. Sometimes I can figure that out. Other times I can’t.

So just wondering if you could prepend a notification with the system name. So I would see things like
“Mike’s Rachio - Rain Sensor Deactivated” or
“Mom’s Rachio - Rain Sensor Deactivated”.

Someone suggested a workaround of naming each of my zones with the system name. But I think this would be a more robust solution if you can add it.

Thanks for the consideration.


Excellent question. I hope Rachio answers how one can name or customize controllers.

I manage many systems and get loads of alerts. I use customer initials and last 2 digits of house address to distinguish which alert belongs to whom. That coding is then followed by brief description of each zone.

It only takes a few minutes to re-label the zones but it will help with your confusion.

Great suggestion, @mkresic :slight_smile:

@spscoutenPhD has a great recommendation here! We’ve seen people rename schedules/zones to identify the controller in the meantime.

-Lo :rachio:

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I also have this same situation. Something I would love is the ability to turn off notifications for a specific controller. That way I don’t get a notification everytime my father decides to water his backyard.

If it’s a shared controller (and not your own) you can do this:


It’s basically all or nothing from what I can tell. I can see where it would be really nice to be able to pick and choose which controllers.

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If this is your only shared controller you are wanting to hide, @Linn’s recommendation should work…

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I just gave that a shot, and I still seem to have gotten a notification that a schedule just completed.