Notifications when things are NOT skipped

So I purchased the Rachio a month ago and love all the features EXCEPT one. Why does this application notify me when things are NOT skipped. It is such a stupid feature that I have to turn off all notifications. I am notified all the time about this zone was NOT skipped today. I don’t want to be notified when zones are NOT skipped. I want to be notified when zones ARE skipped. Please make a change so I can turn back on notifications.

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Yeah that doesn’t make a lot of sense, assumed those were suppressed. It will be removed early next week.



I get that notification when the system is anticipating one of 3 events that would cause a skip.

  1. Measurable precipitation beyond my programmed parameters.

  2. Wind speeds above the threshold that was programmed.

  3. A lower temperature than the current settings.

The controller is checking for these conditions and will notify you if it is going to do a skip based upon anticipation. Once the current and accurate data is updated, the Rachio takes a “My Bad” and lets you know that it will not do the skip after all.

Some of the end users that I know, actually like that feature since they feel more comfort that their system ended up irrigating after all. They call it their “Peace of Mind” advisory.

This type of notification IS helpful for those of us that would otherwise actively/manually manage their system on a daily basis, but only when the full known detail is provided with the notification. i.e. - “<schedule_name>” was originally marked to be skipped due to (wind) or (precip) or (whatever); however, as of X:XX AM/PM, information from wx station ABC indicates a change in conditions. Therefore, <schedule_name> will not be skipped.” Of course, we would have already received a notification earlier in the day that the schedule was going to be skipped because XYZ. @franz , since this data is available to the controller as it’s running these scheduling routines, wouldn’t it be easy to add a push notification with all the determining factors?


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All great feedback, I’ll let @mitchell and @mckynzee from the product team determine the direction. Minor software change but clearly differing opinions. :wink: